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Greetings Constituents!

Thanks for visiting my website. 

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Jill's 2010 Endorsements:



The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce & Civic Council of Greater KC PAC


Kansas Economic Progress Council, 100% rating

Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, 100% rating


Kansas Citizens for Higher Education


Kansas Families United for Public Education


Kansas National Education Association PAC


Mainstream Coalition


Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus




Excerpts from some of the letters I received at the close of the 2010 legislative session:


“The Kansas public higher education system is a vital engine for economic growth.” “…Kansas’ economic recovery and future prosperity depend on a strong public higher education system. Additional cuts would inflict serious damage to our colleges and universities; new revenue is needed.”   “ …only by investing in our state’s universities can we ensure Kansas is ready for economic recovery.”

Leaders from seven Kansas public universities,

19 community colleges, six technical schools

and the Board of Regents


“In the last two years, Johnson County Mental Health Center has seen our state grant funds reduced by over $1.7 million dollars. This loss of funds has caused the elimination of over 30 positions, 20 of which provided services to county residents. At the same time, the economic recession has resulted in an unprecedented number of county residents seeking our services.”

David Wiebe, Johnson County Mental Health Center


“It was a challenging yet productive session with legislators casting some very courageous votes. Several key health care issues were addressed including the following which had the most significant impact on Via Christi Health:

 …restoration of the 10% Medicaid provider reimbursement cuts

…protecting the Kansas Health Care Stabilization fund

…passage of the skilled nursing facility provider assessment

…enactment of the Clean Indoor Air legislation.”

Via Christi Health


“(The Alliance)…wants to say, “Thank You” for your hard work during one of the most difficult legislative sessions in recent memory. It took particular courage to make the cuts that had to be made while keeping Kansans with disabilities as safe and protected as possible.”

The Alliance for Kansans with Developmental Disabilities


“Without your efforts, I seriously doubt that the core functions of the Department could have been preserved. As you well know, we have lost a lot of the tools used by our employees to help maintain public safety and improve offenders’ chances of successfully returning to Kansas communities.” “…you helped make Kansas a safer place to live and raise our families.”

Roger Werholtz, Secretary, Department of Corrections


“On behalf of our Company and our employees we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your vote on the 10 year Kansas Transportation Plan. Your courage and conviction will help us provide the employment that Kansas needs right now to get back moving again. You have helped provide for the need of so many.”

O’Donnell & Sons Construction



Get Involved…

It continues to be an honor to represent you in Topeka.  I am humbled and challenged by the responsibility I feel to you and to all of Kansas.  Your involvement helps me do a better job so please introduce yourself, share your thoughts and expertise, and become active in the process.  To get involved:

  1. Complete a new survey (available soon both on-line and upon request by mail) to guide me on upcoming issues. 
  2. Sign up for my e-newsletters.  Updates are sent out weekly during the session and less frequently when I’m out of session. 
  3. Respond to a new section of my newsletter entitled “Kansas needs a law that…”  Share your ideas with me.  I’ll pass them along to readers and see which ones generate a following.
  4. Attend one of my “Chats with Jill,” monthly during session, less frequently during the off session. 
  5. Call or email me with questions, ideas, and/or suggestions.  I try to respond to all contacts but be persistent if you don’t hear from me; sometimes I just get busy.


Serving you,

Representative Jill Quigley